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Fascinating number or not in c and cpp

Check given number is fascinating number or not in c programming language.

DML (Data Manipulation Language) IN SQL

DML is stands for DATA Manipulation Language. Using DML Commands, we can easily access, store, modify, update and delete the existing records in the SQL database.


DDL (DATA DEFINITATION LANGUAGE). SQL commands are used to define the database schema in the Data Definition Language.

Implement queue using linked list C program

In computing, queues are linear data structures that follow the First In, First Out (FIFO) principle. They are used to perform enqueuing and dequeuing operations.

calculate the GCD | Euclids Algorithm | c and cpp programming language

The G.C.D. ( Greatest Common Divisor ) or H.C.F. ( Highest Common Factor ) of two numbers is the largest positive integer that perfectly divides the two given numbers.

Linear search in c | Algorithm of Linear search | c programming

It is the easiest search algorithm because it starts at the beginning and works through each element in a list until the desired element is located.

A C program for checking whether a given line is a comment

Write a program in c to check whether a given line is comment or not.

C program to convert decimal to binary without Array

We can convert any decimal number into binary number by c program without using array.

Voting program in C language using switch case

Write a program to check that person is eligible for voting or not using switch case.

C program to check eligible for vote

Write a program to check that person is eligible for voting or not.