Fascinating number or not in c and cpp

Check given number is fascinating number or not in c programming language.

Implement queue using linked list C program

In computing, queues are linear data structures that follow the First In, First Out (FIFO) principle. They are used to perform enqueuing and dequeuing operations.

calculate the GCD | Euclids Algorithm | c and cpp programming language

The G.C.D. ( Greatest Common Divisor ) or H.C.F. ( Highest Common Factor ) of two numbers is the largest positive integer that perfectly divides the two given numbers.

Linear search in c | Algorithm of Linear search | c programming

It is the easiest search algorithm because it starts at the beginning and works through each element in a list until the desired element is located.

A C program for checking whether a given line is a comment

Write a program in c to check whether a given line is comment or not.

C program to convert decimal to binary without Array

We can convert any decimal number into binary number by c program without using array.