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Here we write the a new program in c programming language. The program is find that given number is Armstrong or Not. First of all, we know about that what is armstrong number. Armstrong number is which number that the sum of every digit of the cube is equal to the given number is called the Armstrong number, other wise we called the given number is Not Armstrong Number. So Let's get started the code. 

// Check Whether given number is Armstrong or not
// eg. 371 === (3*3*3) + (7*7*7) + (1*1*1) == 27 + 343 + 1 == 371 this number is armstrong 
// 123 === (1*1*1) + (2*2*2) + (3*3*3) == 1 + 8 + 27 == 36 this number is not armstrong


int main()
    int num ;
    printf("Enter the number : \n");

    int temp;
    temp = num;
    int lastDigit;
    int sum =0;

        lastDigit = num%10;
        sum = sum + (lastDigit*lastDigit*lastDigit);
        num = num/10;

        printf("The given number %d is armstrong",temp);
        printf("The given number %d is not armstrong",temp);
    return 0;


Enter the number : 271
The given number 271 is not armstrong

  • Step 1: Initilized a variable num which store the value of given number by user
  • Step 2: Print a message from user with the help of printf() library funciton
  • Step 3: take the input from user with the help of scanf() library function
  • Step 4: Initilized a variable that's called temp is a temporary variable, which store the value of given number as a duplicate for use the last of the program
  • Step 5: Initilized a variable lastDigit which store the last digit of the given number 
  • Step 6: Initilized a variable sum and assigned the value is zero for store the sum of the cube of per digit
  • Step 7: Start a while loop, the condition is given as when num>0 that execute this code. Otherwise terminate the code
  • Step 8: In while loop body perform sum operation like that find the last digit (lastDigit=num%10) of the given number, store the sum of the sum of last digit cube (sum = sum + (lastDigit*lastDigit*lastDigit) and remove the last digit (num=num/10)
  • Step 9: Comparison to the sum and temp variable. Sum is store the value of the sum of given number and temp variable store the duplicate of the number, the condition is true the print that "The Given number 371 is Armstrong Number. Otherwise print that "The given Numbe 198 is Not a Armstrong Number.
  • Step 10: Exit;


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