Today we learn about a topic of file handling that how to read the file.

Lets get Started...


int main(){
    char ch;
    FILE *f_pointer;
    f_pointer = fopen("./example.txt", "r");

    if(f_pointer == NULL){
        perror("Error Occurs!!");
    printf("Content of the File : \n");
    ch = fgetc(f_pointer);
    while (ch != EOF)
        printf("%c", ch);  // printing one by one characters from the file
        ch = fgetc(f_pointer);

    return 0;

  • 'ch' variable store the latest seek pointer where read the file.
  • f_pointer  is a file pointer.
  • using the file f_open() function open the file. f_open() function take two arguments first argument is  filename of file and second argument mode in which mode open the file.
  • check condition if (f_pointer == NULL) -> perror("Error Occur") and perror() function also print the error that means whats error occur. and the exit to the program otherwise.
  • print content of the file.
  • ch == fgetc(f_pointer), ch hold the seek pointer where read the file.
  • And while ch != EOF 
  • EOF -> End of the File
  • when ch is not reach to the end of the file then read the content and printing one by one character.
  • At last close the file using fclose() function.  

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