AI(Artificial Intelligence)

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In today's blog, we can say that we will talk about a very growing technology that is going on the top nowadays, yes we will talk about Artificial Intelligence, what you have thought right. We can say a very detail and will be a knowledgeable one for all of us in which we will be giving complete information about how artificial intelligence works and what is artificial intelligence show without time waste, so let's start....

What is Artificial Intelligence?

First of all, let's talk about what is artificial intelligence, I know that you must have heard about it a lot before, so today we will be making details about it, first of all we use in our smartphone, many applications. All the features in which what happens is that there are artificial intelligence , it can be said that our smartphone is also an artificial intelligence machine. We all have many applications of Google Google Maps, Google Assistance , Google Translator and More. All apllication used AI.

In this whole universe it is only with human that he can do anything by using his intelligence he can talk about good or bad by using that,We can develop ourselves as if we have developed we should be proud of our intelligence or can say that we should have the right of that God or that power which has given us this power, okay so what shall we do now in the same way? Is doing that we who are human beings are working on a kind of technology which can think like humans, can work, can take decisions and many such things which humans do by themselves, that one If the machine is fine, then what do we do after being inspired by that, that now we are making robots, which we are developing them to work like humans, they are thinking like humans and who We have added a feature in the robot that they learn again whatever they know what is wrong and what is right as if we are human, we can say that we are Like when we make mistakes, we learn from them, so what is happening in the same way that we are engaged in developing such a machine which can think like a human, can work and take decisions. The technology on which this work is being done, what do we call that advanced technology, it is called artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science which is working on this technology that those who can think and act like humans, this is what we call Artificial Intelligence.

If artificial intelligence has to be done, then we design it in such a way that we coding it in such a way that it can remember the decision like a human, keeping the base of this, we develop it.

In 1955, the John McCarthy was introduced to artificial intelligence, John McCarthy is called the father of artificial intelligence.

Benefits of AI

  1. Human Reduction of error
  2. Artificial intelligence can do 100% Accuracy work
  3. Enhanced Customers experience
  4. Solving Complex Problem
  5. Available 24x7

Disadvantages of AI

  1. High Cost of Creation
  2. Increasing the Unemployment
  3. No Emotions


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