Loops in c programming 

What is loops?

A control sturcture that repeats a group of steps in a program is called a loop. When we want to same piece of code execute many time then we used the loops. Loops is used for in programming for repetition ( to repeat the same piece of code in program ).

Types of Loops

  1. For loop
  2. while loop
  3. do while loop

For Loop : The for loop is used when we want to execute the code until the given condition is true(satisfied), When the programmer knows how many times a set of statements are to be executed.

Syntax of for loop

for(/*initilization*/; /* condition */ ; /* increament or decreament */)
    // code here

while loop : This loop is used to execute the set of instruction repeatedly as long as the specified condition is true ( satisfied ). This loop is also called pre-tested loop.

The means of pre-tested loop is this loop is check the condition first and the condition is true then execute the statement.

Syntax of while loop

while(/* condition */){
    // code here

do while loop : The do-while loop continues until a given condition satisfies execute the code. This loop is also called the post-tested loop. The means of post-tested loop is this loop is execute the statement first and check the condition is after.

Syntax of do while loop

    // code here
}while(/* condition */);

Advantages of loops in c 

  1. It provides code reusability.
  2. Using loops, we do not need to write the same code again and again.
  3. Using loops, we can traverse over the elements of data structures.


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