Swap two number without using third variable in c programming language.

For Example : 
a = 10;
b = 20;
a = 20;
b = 10;

Welcome guys..

We will be write the program in c how to swap two number without using third variable.

Let's start the code..

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    int a, b;
    printf("Enter the value of a : ");
    scanf("%d", &a);
    printf("Enter the value of b : ");
    scanf("%d", &b);
    a = a + b;
    b = a - b;
    a = a - b;
    printf("The value of a is %d and b is %d", a, b);

    return 0;

Output :

Enter the value of a : 10
Enter the value of b : 20
The value of a is 20 and b is 10


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