In this program, we create a login system program which takes username and password from the user.


int main(){
	char username[20];
	char userpassword[20];
	int i;
	printf("Enter the User Name : ");
	printf("Enter the Password : ");
	printf("\n\n****\tEnter Any Key to Continue\t****");
	if(!strcmp(username, "exampleuser") && !strcmp(userpassword, "example123")){
		printf("\n\n****\tLogin Successful\t****");
		printf("\n\n****\tProvided Information Incorrect. Please Provide Right Information!!\t****");
	return 0;
  • take username and password from the user
  • after taking the value from the user then compare the value is correct or not
  • if value is correct then "Login Successful" otherwise
  • "Invalid Credientials"


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