What is Python?

Python Program may be a gerneral purpose of high level, intereted, interative and object-oriented scription programing language developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991 and further developed by the Python Software Foundation. This language is meant for emphasis of the code readability. Python provided an interative mode kind of like that of a calculator.

Python could be a cross-platform languagewhich suggests that it can run on multiple platform line windows, macOs, Linus. it's free and open source.

How python is interpreted?

An interpreter could be a quite program that executes other program. after we write Python programs, it converts ASCII text file written by the developer into intermediate language which is again translated into the machine language that's executed. The python code programmar write is compiled into python bytecode, which creates file with extension .pyc. The bytecode compilation happedned internally and almost completely hidden from developer. Compilation is solely a transation step, and byte code may be a lower-level, platform-independent, representaion of ASCII text file. Each of the source statements is tranlated int oa group of bytecode instruction. This bytecode translation is performed to hurry execution. Bytecode can by run much quicker that the initial ASCII text file statement.

What are the tools that help to find bugs or perfrom static analysis?

  1. Pychecker: Pychecker is an open source tool for static analysis that detects the bugs from ASCII text file and warns about the design and complexity of the bug.
  2. Pylint:
    1. Pylint is extremely configurable and it acts like special programs to controal warnings and errors, it's an in depth configuration file .
    2. It is an open source tool for static code analysis and it's for programming errors and is employed for coding standard.
    3. It also interates with Python IDEs like Pycharm, Spyder, Eclipse and Jupyter.

What are Python decorators?

  1. Decorators are very powerful and great tool in Python since it allows programmers to change the behavior of function or class.
  2. Decorators allows us to wrap another function so as to increase the behavior of wrapped function, without permanently modifying it.
  3. It decoarators, functions are taken because the argument into antoher function and so called inside the wrapper function.



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