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Hello World Python

Here's an example of how to print "Hello, World!" in Python.

print("Hello, World!")

Simple type this line of code into a Python interpreter or a Python file and execute it, and you should see "Hello, World!" printed to the screen.

In Python Programming, the print() function is used to output to the console. In this case, we are passing the string "Hello, World!" as an argument to the print() function, so it will print that string to the console(user screen).
The string itself is enclosed in double or single quotation marks (""). This tells Python that it's a string literal, meaning it's a string of characters that should be output as-it-is.
When you execute this code, you should see the output "Hello, World!" printed to the console(terminal). It's a simple program, but it's a classic first step in learning any programming language!

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